Press Kit

LazyBeez released their latest game named "Jigsaw Puzzle Legends".

As the name suggests, it is a jigsaw puzzle game that features thousands of beautiful pictures structured into themed packs.

There are plenty of categories to choose from and different levels of difficulty to cater for all, young or old.

Dive into the ocean with the summery tropical pack, enjoy the views with the majestic waterfall pack, go birdwatching with the colorful bird pack or start cooing over the cuteness of the baby animals pack.

How many puzzles can you complete? Increase the difficulty by rotating the pieces and then share your progress with family and friends over social media.

Upgrading to premium edition gives you the option to use your own photos.

LazyBeez is an independent indie developer of Android and iOS applications and games. Founded in 2014, this game is only the first from a larger portfolio of games that are currently under development.

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